The Block Room Reveals – Terraces (week 10)

And so the apartments are complete – with the final whistle from Scotty Cam, all rooms have now been revealed inside AND out. It was an emotional week for all but they have reached the light at the end of the tunnel and can all say they have completed The Block! Terraces are one of the most exciting rooms for delivery as they are so different from any other space inside. Being the centre point for most of the apartments, these terraces had to be pretty special and provide a beautiful outlook for various rooms of each apartment, and it was so great to see that all of them did just that…

Josh & Charlotte: For their last reveal, Josh and Charlotte pulled together a very functional and clever terrace. I really loved their playful vertical garden and how it pays a little reference to the all time favourite childhood game – Tetris. The suspended light fittings also give the space a fun element while still keeping in style with the simplicity of their apartment. Finally, and probably their smartest move was keeping all the furniture on wheels, giving the space a lot of flexibility for entertaining or relaxing. Being a small outdoor area, they really have made the most of this space and there really isn’t much to fault! I hope Josh & Charlotte are really proud of the apartment they’ve created and that it pays off for them come auction day.

The Block Room Reveals - Josh & Charlotte's Terrace

Josh & Charlotte’s Terrace

The Block Room Reveals - Josh & Charlotte's Terrace

Josh & Charlotte’s Terrace

Tim & Anastasia: From budget woes to walking off the show, it’s a miracle that Tim & Anastasia were able to finish this space. Having completed it on a shoe-string budget, they’ve done an exceptionally good job. The mains bones of this terrace are really lovely, from the timber framing through to the vertical garden and bamboo screening. They have created a lush oasis, but from that point onwards I had to agree with the judges that they space was a little over crowded. Some careful editing of the dining setting (perhaps a smaller 4-seater), removal of the hanging chair and reducing the collection of pot plants will go a long way to help create the illusion of more space.

The Block Room Reveals - Tim & Anastasia's Terrace

Tim & Anastasia’s Terrace

The Block Room Reveals - Tim & Anastasia's Terrace

Tim & Anastasia’s Terrace

Ayden & Jess: As always, Jess & Ayden finished the week off with big smiles and a great space. Utilising their vouchers and using the concrete wall cladding, they produced and bright and airy outdoor space that can double up as a summer lounge room. With excellent privacy, this space will be perfect for hot summer days and balmy nights. Their Vertical garden is lush and the reclaimed MCG gate is a great, quirky edition that fits beautifully with their apartment. I really liked the way this spaced was styled and their pendant lights are just the right finishing touch (and like grown up disco balls in all the right ways).

The Block Room Reveals - Jess & Ayden's Terrace

Jess & Ayden’s Terrace

The Block Room Reveals - Jess & Ayden's Terrace

Jess & Ayden’s Terrace

Darren & Deanne: Finishing off with the final reveal of the season was really quite bitter/sweet. Darren and Deanne produced a space that is absolutely stunning, but I’m a little sad that this will be there last. I’ve really enjoyed watching these apartments come together, especially Darren & Deanne’s – here’s hoping that this wont be the last we see of her beautiful style. But back to their garden/terrace/oasis/heaven – with a mixture of old and new, grass to play on, a lush jungle and a gorgeous sitting area, this terrace has it all and really is the crowning jewel of their apartment. It’s like Neale said, this completed their apartment and made the whole unit make sense. Rightly so, they took home the winning prize and finished their two seasons of the Block with a perfect score of 30/30. Here’s hoping they really do finish on a high with a very successful auction result!

The Block Room Reveals - Darren & Deanne's Terrace

Darren & Deanne’s Terrace

The Block Room Reveals - Darren & Deanne's Terrace

Darren & Deanne’s Terrace



The Block Room Reveals: Kitchen (Week 8)

It’s the day after Kitchen reveals, and to be honest I’m feeling a little underwhelmed. Last night’s episode although full of drama, served up some kitchens that didn’t quite hit “The Block” level of expectation. While each space is functional and looks great, there is a piece of Block magic that’s missing. Unfortunately I missed the majority of last nights episode, coming in towards then end for the Double D’s verses Shaynna drama (All a bit of an over-reaction on Shaynna’s part if you ask me), so today my comments are mostly based on the photos from online – I’m looking forward to seeing the full episode later on to see how my thoughts compare to that of the judges…

Josh & Charlotte – Sadly, I had higher expectations for this kitchen, from the way Charlotte had described it earlier in the week I was expecting the central island would make more of a statement. While it is still exceptionally we suited to the rest of their apartment (blank canvas) and provides fantastic storage, this kitchen is a little too white and soul-less. The main issue is that there is very little depth of texture variation. Flat white cupboards, with a sleek white splashback create a modern, minimalist look, but even with the addition of fresh blooms and some accessories, the space is still lacking. The addition of a pendant light or different splashback with either texture or colour would give this kitchen what it needs to have a little more personality.

The Block Room Reveals - Josh & Charlotte's Kitchen

Josh & Charlotte

Tim & Anastasia – Boy did these two have some drama during the week! At one point I really thought this could be it for Anastasia, but thankfully she pulled through and they finished up producing a great, functional kitchen. Layout wise I was glad to see they did not block out any windows as this would have really changed the whole ambience of the space. Kitchens and natural light go together like bread and butter – the more the merrier! Finishes wise, again I was felt disappointed in their choices. While black and white is a classic, it lacks character and in this instance the black casing around the fridge makes the space feel very heavy.

The Block Room Reveals - Tim & Anastasia's Kitchen

Tim & Anastasia

Jess & Ayden – Bringing back the light and thankfully some more texture and depth, Jess and Ayden pulled together an excellent kitchen that is both functional and friendly. I love the statement the single pendant makes over kitchen island and think it is perfectly located for the work area. The breakfast bar and adjacent wine fridge are well positioned for breakfast or a casual evening chatting around the kitchen (which is what I find most guests end up doing when visiting). Colour wise, the pale grey cupboards paired with the timber look lovely together and create a beautiful, soft palette. However I think the stone bench top and splashback are too busy to be paired with the timber grain – the two surfaces have a similar scale pattern within their respective particles/grains and are fighting against each other.

The Block Room Reveal's - Jess & Ayden's Kitchen

Jess & Ayden

Darren & Deanne – Based on the small snippets of last night’s episode that I did get to watch, I couldn’t help but think what an overreaction. For the most part, the Double D’s have a created a great kitchen. Yes, there are some aspects, mainly the splash back and timber pairings that aren’t perfect together, but of all the kitchens this one has by far the best use of texture, depth, storage ability and individuality. Unlike their bathroom, I wasn’t impressed with the use of the mosaic tile here – like Neal said, it’s a little too disco. And likewise, I agreed that the two timbers (flooring and cupboards) don’t work particularly well together – while the cupboards are a more pink based timber, the floors take on a yellow hue. Unfortunately these are two items that will be somewhat expensive to change, however I don’t think this space is the “disaster” the judges pinned it to be.

The Block Room Reveal's - Darren & Deanne's Kitchen

Darren & Deanne


The Block Room Reveals – Master Bedroom (week 7)

Last night was yet another exciting evening of TV viewing with not one, not two, but three verdicts for Scotty Cam to reveal. First up was closure to the wine audit from way back in week 4 and thank goodness it’s all over – that drama was well and truly past it’s bed time! In a nutshell, Darren & Deanne were officially cleared from all the gossip while Tim & Anastasia were left red faced as they had been pushing so hard to prove the Double D’s were in the wrong – the whole situation really portrayed a good life lesson about taking the high road. But getting back to that bed time point  (and Scotty’s second and third verdict) this weeks reveal was all about the master bedrooms and boy-oh-boy there was some good eye candy….

Josh & Charlotte – Setting the bar exceptionally high, Josh & Charlotte revealed a bedroom and walk-in robe with gorgeous exposed ceilings and a lounge area that would make any parent wish they had a bedroom like this. The space Josh & Charlotte created is refined, elegant and tranquil and I absolutely love the little sitting area! Their choice of sofa with simple ottomans and minimal cushions is paired back luxury and suits the rest of their apartment to a T. However, In the ‘sleeping zone’ I was left feeling a little like the space could have had a bit more added to it, some art or some more depth & texture on the bed would be just enough. But Josh & Charlotte have been working with this look throughout their whole apartment, and this style could just be genius in allowing buyers to love the space but still add some of their own style.

The Block Room Reveals: Josh & Charlotte's Master Bedroom

Josh & Charlotte’s Master Bedroom

As with the Bedroom, their walk-in robe is refined and elegant. Ample space and an abundance of storage is their biggest selling point here and I think they have used this space wisely, however I would have loved to see the space under the window utilised a little more.

The Block Room Reveals: Josh & Charlotte's Walk-In

Josh & Charlotte’s Walk-In

Tim & Anastasia – This week Tim and Anastasia produced another beautiful bedroom, which was almost a replica of the previous second bedroom (see my comments for that room here). While I think this look is beautiful, I would have liked to see something different for the master room as now all three bedrooms have a very similar look and feel.

The Block Room Reveals - Tim & Anastasia's Master Bedroom

Tim & Anastasia’s Master Bedroom

As with their bedroom, I was quite underwhelmed with their walk-in wardrobe. I’ve always thought walk-in robes should have open shelving and hanging space so was disappointed to see so much cabinetry. With very little colour variation in the space, the area also feels closed in and a little bland.

The Block Room Reveals - Tim & Anastasia's Walk-In

Tim & Anastasia’s Walk-In

Jess & Ayden – Created a master bedroom that would be perfect for a hip, young couple. Their space is bright, fresh and very inviting. I really love the oversized rug and pendant lights  – the combination of these textures creates a beautifully relaxed, coastal feel. And while their “look” may not typically be for the Yarra Valley I think Jess & Ayden have created a space that is still high-end and lovely.

The Block Room Reveals - Jess & Ayden's Master Bedroom

Jess & Ayden’s Master Bedroom

In their walk-in robe I really loved the contrast of surfaces, the laminate and veneer selections work beautifully together to give the space some interest and depth. Their shining star here is the floor to ceiling mirror, making the space appear much larger than it is, and I was also quite happy here to see the return of open shelving and hanging spaces. Jess & Ayden did an excellent job of utilising the space and providing a lot of storage.

The Block Room Reveals - Jess & Ayden's Walk-In

Jess & Ayden’s Walk-In

Darren & Deanne – In a fortunate twist of events, Darren and Deanne took out the prize this week due to Josh & Charlotte not using their bedhead from the challenge in week 3. Rules are rules, and while disqualifying Josh & Charlotte (verdict #2) may have seemed a bit harsh, I’m sure the prize money will be much appreciated for Darren and Deanne (verdict #3). Personally I absolutely loved the Double D’s room, from the Indigo Seagrass wallpaper through to the four poster bed and paisley cushions – I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again – Deanne has a way with style and a way of pulling items together that portrays and sense of quality and level of luxury like no other!

The Block Room Reveals - Darren & Deanne's Master Bedroom

Darren & Deanne’s Master Bedroom

For their walk-in robe, Darren and Deanne created a space that perfectly compliments the bedroom. Subtle LED lighting, the most beautiful pendant light I’ve ever seen in a walk-in and display cabinetry create a space that oozes luxury and sophistication. While their are some elements similar to Tim & Anastasia’s walk-in (namely the glass toped display), Darren and Deanne have executed their version of this beautifully by placing under the window – It’s what I wished to have seen in Josh & Charlottes walk-in…

The Block Room Reveals - Darren & Deanne's Walk-In

Darren & Deanne’s Walk-In


The Block Room Reveals: Ensuite (week 6)

This week we enjoyed the luxury of ensuite bathroom reveals. And luxury is an understatement – this week all of the couples delivered ensuite bathrooms that went above and beyond. There’s something special about creating a master suite with ensuite and walk-in robe that tends to make designers go that extra mile and it is always a huge pleasure (and a little painful) to watch. It makes my heart yearn for a master suite like no other with a walk in wardrobe Carrie Bradshaw would be jealous of and an ensuite I’d never want to leave. But for now those dreams remain just that while we get to enjoy the reality of The Block’s exquisite ensuites…

Josh & Charlotte – Delivered the winning bathroom and it was well deserved. The combination of timber with matt black and crisp white was well received and proved that elegance is found in the details. Beautiful plantation shutters that are a feature throughout Josh & Charlotte’s apartment were used along an entire wall giving the space an abundance of light. I absolutely loved all the details and the simply styling – setting the scene of a luxurious and relaxing space.

Josh & Charlotte - Ensuite

Josh & Charlotte – Ensuite

Josh & Charlotte - Ensuite

Josh & Charlotte – Ensuite

Tim & Anastasia – Delivered a really beautiful bathroom that fell short due to the detail of the finishing. I loved the architecture of this room with the nib wall by the toilet and the inset shelves for the shower and vanity. The marble subway wall in the shower is a beautiful, yet subtle feature that is elegant and timeless. And lets not forget about that bath sitting pretty with a flatscreen television for relaxation to the max.

Tim  & Anastasia - Ensuite

Tim & Anastasia – Ensuite

Tim  & Anastasia - Ensuite

Tim & Anastasia – Ensuite

Jess & Ayden – I really agreed with Neil for this ensuite and thought it was a brilliant modernisation of a retro look. The honeycomb flooring was a very smart way to tie together all three bathroom spaces (with the others featuring the marble mosaic). I loved the combination of this with the hand-made vanity and timber flooring in the shower. I think Jess did a great job with styling of the bathroom and of all the couples, I really loved their bath style and setting. The only item in this space that threw me was the pendant light – which I thought was unnecessary.

Jess & Ayden - Ensuite

Jess & Ayden – Ensuite

Jess & Ayden - Ensuite

Jess & Ayden – Ensuite

Darren & Deanne – This week Darren & Deanne closely mirrored that of the design for their first bathroom. Making use again of the black and white colour scheme with screened off wet area, double vanity and linen cupboard. They really nailed the design here and the addition of a seat in the shower is genius! Looking back to the first bathroom, I feel this one is a little more refined with the colour palette, yet still ties in beautifully to their other wet areas. If we’re me completing this bathroom I like to think I would have done the same but with a softer colour palette in shades of coffee and taupe with crisp white.

Darren & Deanne - Ensuite

Darren & Deanne – Ensuite

Darren & Deanne - Ensuite

Darren & Deanne – Ensuite

The Block Room Reveals: Living & Dining (Week 5)

Week five already and Scotty did a great job last night reminding us that we are already half way there – I can’t believe how quickly these builds unfold! This week was the ever anticipated living & dining rooms and unfortunately all of them fell a little short. Whether it was bad ceiling designs (thanks to moving things around) or not quite hitting the mark on the style stakes, there were a number of negatives to each space and it was some interesting viewing. In the end I was really happy to see Josh & Charlotte take home their first room win and I’m sure the injection of cash into their budget will be well appreciated too…

Josh & Charlotte: At first sight I didn’t think these rooms would be quite enough for a win but as the reveals went on I really hoped they would take the cake! Their dining room, while simple and understated, fits in perfectly with the rest of their apartment. I’m really starting to understand Charlotte’s style now, and I think she is too. The use of high quality and humble products is working exceptionally well for her and as each room is completed the greater picture is starting to unfold. This is a home you could move in to and still inject some of your own style. For the dining room, I loved the timber table paired with tan leather chairs, the combination of natural textures with the simple, elegant pendant was a beautiful mix. I only wish she had set the table to give it a little more personality.

The Block Room Reveals - Josh & Charlotte's Dining Room

Josh & Charlotte’s Dining Room

Their living room is also a space I can imagine myself getting cosy in. I really likes how she set the space out, using the neutral colour palette. There is definitely something lacking in the corner next to the sofa, but a floor lamp or indoor plant would fill this space nicely. Overall the dining and living spaces flow together beautifully and I’m really looking forward to seeing their kitchen complete the picture.

The Block Room Reveals - Josh & Charlotte's Living Room

Josh & Charlotte’s Living Room

Tim & Anastasia: I’m getting to the point of finding it difficult to watch this couple – Anastasia needs to make decisions and stick with them. Her lack of indecision is really starting to show through and unfortunately this week’s reveal resulted in the presentation of spaces that look more like they belong in a showroom than a home. There are many beautiful elements in each of her rooms this week, but all of the items together created a space that’s just too cook-cutter.

The Block Room Reveals - Tim & Anastasia's Dining Room

Tim & Anastasia’s Dining Room

Like the judges said, the combination of a pair of almost everything in this room was the greatest downfall. This combined with much of the furniture being in matching finishes (cream upholstery & dark timber stain for the remaining items) made the room look quite dated. I really like a lot of these individual items, but some more variation needs to be added into the room to give the space character.

The Block Room Reveals - Tim & Anastasia's Living Room

Tim & Anastasia’s Living Room

Ayden & Jess: Coming in second place, Ayden and Jess also created a space for the dining room that was very simple & understated. I LOVED their zinc dining table, paired with the timber chairs and think Jess hit the nail on the head with how she styled the table – just gorgeous. The pendants above were also the perfection addition, emphasising the size of the table and keeping the space balanced.

The Block Room Reveals - Jess & Ayden's Dining Room

The Block Room Reveals – Jess & Ayden’s Dining Room

Unfortunately, it was in the living room where these two lost points and at first glance we can see why. As Shaynna said, the number of lines in this space is a bit overwhelming. The combination of shelving, honeycomb rug, feature coffee table, multiple throw rugs and more gives the space no focal point or “hero” piece. I think simply swapping out the floor rug for something more solid (like a textured charcoal or similar) could really give the room the “white space” it needs..

The Block Room Reveals - Jess & Ayden's Living Room

Jess & Ayden’s Living Room

Darren & Deanne: Lost all their points and pennies for not having a ceiling in their dining room. I think Darren & Deanne presented some really beautiful living spaces, whether their choice of swapping around the kitchen and living spaces will prove to be a good one or not is yet to be seen, but I’m sure Deanne has a mighty plan up her sleeve. I really liked their dining space with the round table and thought it was great to see some more texture and shape variation being used. The rug she chose is probably a bit small, but the colour works beautifully and the whole space allows their art to be the absolute hero of the room.

The Block Room Reveals - Darren & Deanne's Dining Room

Darren & Deanne’s Dining Room

Their living room is equally as inviting and elegant as the rest of their apartment and I think the space was also styled beautifully. Unfortunately, the lack of window treatment is a bit disappointing as some sheer curtains or blinds along the back wall would be very useful when watching television.

The Block Room Reveals - Darren & Deanne's Living Room

Darren & Deanne’s Living Room