Blush, Grey and Copper

Blush – the colour on everyone cheeks has definitely transitioned its way into fashion and homes over the past few months. Mixed with moody hues like grey or charcoal it’s a colour that is soft enough to be pretty, but neutral enough to work in homes in place of boring beige or typical taupe. Throw in the latest metal trend – copper – and you have yourself a room that is set to please many. I love how this colour palette can be put together for a nursery or grown up lounge room. It’s modern, chic, young and fun – what more could you want?

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Summer blooms

When I think of Summer interiors, I think of spaces that are light, bright and filled with colour. Taking inspiration from beach brights , Summer blooms is all about being full of colour, but using tones that have slightly more floral hues. I think Summer is one of the best times of year for flowers – Hydrangeas, Frangipanis, Gerberas, Begonias and Lilies are among some of the many flowers blooming. So why not take inspiration from some of  natures most beautiful creations and use that in your home? From botanical print wall papers to watercolour paintings or bright cushions – adding some faux florals is a great way to bring Summer indoors and continue enjoying these beautiful blooms…

Botanical Art

la maison d anna g

Botanical bedroom

Little Green Notebook

pic 2

My Scandinavian Home

COlour & Florals

Apartment Therapy

Colour & Florals

Poppy Talk

Summertime blues

Using cool blues to decorate your home during the warmer months can be an excellent way to trick your mind into thinking the temperature is a little cooler than it actually is. We’ve recently renovated our Kitchen (check it out here) using a light blue tile for the splashback. It took ALOT of persuading from my husband to get me on board with having a colour in the kitchen rather than just keeping it all neutral, but now every time I walk in I feel welcomed by an inviting colour that is fresh and cool to look at. I absolutely LOVE that we went with the light blue as the whole space has been transformed to a room that feels a lot brighter than it used to – when everything was just cream and beige.

Blue is a colour that can be perfectly well suited to most seasons, mixed in with pastels for spring or by using darker shades in winter, but I really think the colour is best suited to the summer months. Below are some rooms I’ve found that to me are the epitome of summertime blues. Almost all of them make me want to pack my bags for a summer vacation, but take a look and decide for yourself…

summertime blues | Liv with Vision

Design Hunter


Addicted to Style

Summertime blues | Liv with Vision

Beyond France

Summertime blues | Liv with Vision

Charleston Mag

Summertime blues | Liv with Vision

Craftberry bush


Colour of the week – Gold

There’s no denying that Christmas is only a breath away, so in light of this festive season I though this week we would take a look at all that glitters. In all honesty it’s taken me a little while to jump on the Gold bandwagon but now that I’m on, there’s no way I’m getting off! The sparkle and warmth that Gold brings (when used in the right way) is just sensational! Paired with black and white it’s a timeless classic. Add in some pops of hot pink for a young and playful space or pair with navy blues or subtle greys and elegant spaces become a breeze to create. There’s no better time than Christmas to add a little sparkle to your home, bringing in some festive cheer that may well end up sticking around for the year.

Liv with Vision | Colour of the week - Gold

The Design Daredevil

Liv with Vision | Colour of the week - Gold

Adore Home Magazine

Liv with Vision | Colour of the week - Gold


Liv with Vision | Colour of the week - Gold

Design Sponge

Liv with Vision | Colour of the week - Gold

Thriving Twenties

Liv with Vision | Colour of the week - Gold

The Glamourai


Pantone Memory Lane: 2013 – Emerald

Every year at the start of December, Pantone releases their next colour of the year. It is always a highly anticipated announcement as designers around the world try to guess what the newest colour will be. In the lead up to this announcement I thought I would pay homage to a few colours from previous years – this week we are taking a look at 2013’s Emerald.

Here’s what Pantone had to say about Emerald – “ Emerald….  Most often associated with brilliant, precious gemstones, the perception of Emerald is sophisticated and luxurious. Since antiquity, this luminous, magnificent hue has been the colour of beauty and new life in many cultures and religions. Also the colour of growth, renewal and prosperity, no other colour conveys regeneration more than green.” Below are some inspirational images for this refreshing hue – if you’d like to see more, check out my first ever Colour Of The Week post, featuring Emerald.

Liv with Vision | Pantone Memory Lane: 2013 - Emerald

Rona Home & Garden

Liv with Vision | Pantone Memory Lane: 2013 - Emerald

The Design Files

Liv with Vision | Pantone Memory Lane: 2013 - Emerald


Liv with Vision | Pantone Memory Lane: 2013 - Emerald

The Kitchn

Liv with Vision | Pantone Memory Lane: 2013 - Emerald

Bungalow Blue Interiors