What it’s like inside a Fashion Designers home

It’s not everyday you get to take a peek inside the home of a world famous Fashion Designer, so when I stumbled upon these pictures of Colette Dinnigan’s home in Paddington I couldn’t resist. The fashion icon’s home will be going up for sale very soon and – as all things wonderful happen when property goes on the market – we get a sneak peak at some of the home’s best features.

This particular home is a gorgeous sandstone building dating back to the 1880’s and Colette Dinnigan’s has styled her home in an absolutely stunning way, inside and out. From the gorgeous, marble kitchen to the stunning bathroom and bedrooms alike, the most has been made out of this home’s natural beauty – enhancing the original architecture and sandstone. Mostly light and neutral furnishings allow the sandstone detail to take centre stage as does paired back styling which keeps the spaces from looking overly busy. So, grab a cup of tea and let yourself escape the daily grind for a minute – this is kind of home that dreams are made of…

Collette Dinnigan's gorgeous Paddington abode


Collette Dinniigan's gorgous Paddington Abode


Collette Dinnigan's gorgeous Paddington abode


Collette Dinnigan's gorgeous Paddington abode


Collette Dinnigan's gorgeous Paddington abode


Collette Dinnigan's gorgeous Paddington abode


Collette Dinnigan's gorgeous Paddington abode




Design Challenge – April

I just realised I’m about a week late to the party for my April Design challenge! So before I waste any more time, this month I am challenging myself to create better vignettes. Each month I take part in the interiors addict #7vignettes competition and I’m always blown away by all the incredible talent. There is such a huge range on vignettes that are a bit more photography based which is awesome, but this month I really want is to explore is how to create beautiful vignettes for around our home – be it for a bookcase, entry stand or coffee table….

Challenge pic

P.S. If you haven’t seen any of my previous design challenges, you can check them out here or if you’d like to play along to challenge yourself or improve some of your design skills, here’s how this whole game started….

At the start of the year,  I got to thinking about how I can continue to grown and develop as a designer. I had the idea of creating a “design challenge” for each month where I’ll be setting (myself) specific challenges to help bust out of my comfort zone or learn a new skill. To ensure I stay accountable below are few rules I’ve set….

1. The challenge: Will be set on the first Tuesday of each month. Whether it’s learning a new art or trying something new in the home I’ll spend the next few weeks figuring out as much as I can on the topic.

2.  The reveal or results: Will be shared on the last Tuesday of that month. I say reveal or results as some may end with a tutorial of what I found, while others may result in a reveal of what’s been created.

3. Taking part: You are welcome to join me on these little adventures using the hashtag #DesignChallenge & tag @Livwithvision.

4. The most important:  These challenges are mostly about having fun and exploring new ideas!  It’s all about being friendly, generous, supportive, sharing.

7 Vignettes – April

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter break, I’m not sure about you but ours felt much longer than 4 days which was really nice. Being a long weekend, #7Vignettes for this month was made that much sweeter as I had some more time on my hands to really play with my vignettes. In the end I was really happy with how all my little combinations came together  – that 2hr photography course I had been meaning to do for nearly two years must have taught me something! Below are my images from this month, I hope you enjoy them as much I enjoyed tucking into those Easter eggs once all my pictures were complete!

#7Vignettes - Blush

Day 1 – Blush

#7Vignettes - Bloom

Day 2- Bloom

#7Vignettes - Light

Day 3 – Light

#7Vignettes - Soft

Day 4 – Soft

#7Vignettes - Easter

Day 5 – Easter

#7Vignettes - Weave

Day 6 – Weave

#7Vignettes - Gold

Day 7 – Gold

Did you play along with #7Vignettes this month?