7 Vignettes – April

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter break, I’m not sure about you but ours felt much longer than 4 days which was really nice. Being a long weekend, #7Vignettes for this month was made that much sweeter as I had some more time on my hands to really play with my vignettes. In the end I was really happy with how all my little combinations came together  – that 2hr photography course I had been meaning to do for nearly two years must have taught me something! Below are my images from this month, I hope you enjoy them as much I enjoyed tucking into those Easter eggs once all my pictures were complete!

#7Vignettes - Blush

Day 1 – Blush

#7Vignettes - Bloom

Day 2- Bloom

#7Vignettes - Light

Day 3 – Light

#7Vignettes - Soft

Day 4 – Soft

#7Vignettes - Easter

Day 5 – Easter

#7Vignettes - Weave

Day 6 – Weave

#7Vignettes - Gold

Day 7 – Gold

Did you play along with #7Vignettes this month?


7 Vignettes – March

At the start of each month Interiors Addict host a 7-day competition called 7 Vignettes. I’ve always wanted to play but have felt a little intimidated, however with the start of a new year I thought – why not? So, at the start of this year I resolved to join in and share some of my own little creations each month.

I’m now (already?!) onto my third month of play – you can check out my January & February creations here & here. This months theme was sponsored by Keeki, a Melbourne based furniture & homewares company and the themes were broader than past months – oddly making the creative process a bit more of a challenge! Check out images below of the vignettes I created and if these little snippets inspire you, then I recommend taking a look at the full gallery of vignettes by searching #7vignettes on instagram.

Day 1 - Metallic

Day 1 – Metallic

coffe table shelfie

Day 2 – Coffee table / “Shelfie”

Day 3 - Bedroom

Day 3 – Bedroom

Day 4 - Freestyle

Day 4 – Freestyle

Day 5 - Shiny

Day 5 – Shiny


Day 6 - Blue

Day 6 – Blue


Day 7 - Floral

Day 7 – Floral



So that’s it – another month down! Through this process I’m starting to discover my style and preferred photography methods. This month I tried out the idea od creating a “mini-mock” studio, I really liked the way this turned out and think I might start playing with this idea some more. While the focus of this completion is on the vignettes, I’m also learning how important the photography of said vignettes is. So that online photography course I bought myself about six ago might just need to be used and finally put into practice! Until next time … xx

Casual Elegance

If I were into fashion as much as I am interiors, this would be my style icon. Actually Julia Engel is already my style icon, but she inspires me in other ways. Her blog Gal Meets Glam is one of my most frequented and I’m always dying to steal every outfit she wears. But I’m not here to talk about fashion, I’m here for interiors. So how on earth do these two relate? Julia’s site and style inspires me in a way that I would love to inspire people with their interiors. Everyone has different tastes, but one style that resonates closest with me would have to be casual elegance, and I don’t think this is too different to the wearable style the Julia oozes. So what is casual elegance?

It’s all about creating a timeless space. A space that is elegant without being stuffy or uptight – using classic pieces or pieces that have stood the test of time, furniture that is natural in form or incorporating traditional elements such as a crystal chandelier.

Casual Elegance - Liv with Vision


It’s using neutral colour palettes with hints of colour. A neutral base, with classic design pieces will open up options to many different styles. If you are wanting to aim for a look that’s still casual and elegant, work towards keeping the space cohesive and use art or cushions to inject fun and personality….

Casual Elegance - Liv with Vision

Design Hunter

It’s understanding that depth and character are important. Using a monochromatic colour palette, with varying shades of one colour is a great way to add depth while still keeping a space cohesive. But be careful with grey as it can quickly become cold or uninviting, so mix in some warm timber items to make a space more welcoming…

Casual Elegance - Liv with Vision

Divaani Blog It

It’s about Using high quality and natural materials such as leather, linen or cotton for upholstery, marble or other stone finishes, timber, rattan, etc…

Casual Elegance - Liv with Vision

Civico Quattro

All up it’s about the meeting and crossover of two style: Elegant and Casual. Mixing these to a 80:20 ratio if your after a space that’s a bit more elegant or adjusting that ration to whatever look you’re aiming for…


The Inspired Room


7 Vignettes – February

At the start of each month Interiors Addict  (one of my favourite blogs) runs a 7-day competition called 7 Vignettes. I’ve always wanted to play but have felt a little intimidated, however with the start of a new year I thought – why not? So, at the start of this year I resolved to join in and share my little creations each month. February is the second month I participated in 7 Vignettes  (check out my January edition here) and the vignettes I created are shown below. Unfortunately I didn’t get around to completing all 7 vignettes in time but I learnt a big lesson about planning and organisation. Life really gets away from you if you let it! All the same, I had a great time thinking up different ideas for this months vignettes, putting them together and checking out what everyone else had created. If these little creations inspire you, then I definitely recommend that you checkout the full gallery of vignettes by searching #7vignettes on instagram – some serious talent there, and a big congratulations to this months winner – @lauren.storey.

7 Vignettes January - Comfy


7 Vignettes January  - Bright


7 Vignettes January - Matching


7 Vignettes January - Living


I was really bummed to miss out on the last two days – Neutral and Cosy, but as the say:  better late than never! Here’s what I would have posted, had I prioritised the time to get them completed!

February 7 Vignettes - Neutral


February 7 Vignettes - Cosy




Styling a bookshelf

We all have shelves, often filled with not just books but also life’s little trinkets that when not displayed properly can end up look like messy clutter. Whether you have an open bookcase, something with glass doors or a storage unit with solid doors – the difference between having those shelves well organised and styled or not can be quite significant. So here are a few tips to make your book case more appealing.

Mix small and large items – Mixing in variety of items in different sizes gives your book case a sense of scale. It’s a knack that can be quite difficult to achieve, but it’s a process that will evolve differently for everyone – keep taking a step back and editing how your shelves look. Books stacked in piles with an item placed on top will give that item a “stage” or sense of prominence which is great for small accent pieces. Larger or heavier items can be used as book ends or placed in a vignette with a few smaller items.



Allow for white space – Keep in mind that white space is just as important as filled space. White space is basically just the air space around objects – not every inch of space needs to be filled (both vertically and horizontally). Move a few items around to give feature items space to breath and create focal points.

Finding Home

Finding Home

Colour Block – Colour blocking is a great way to give the illusion of a tidier space.  If you are purely filling your selves with books, try stacking them or lining them up by colour blocking and you’ll instantly see a space that is more cohesive and a pleasure to look at. As a bonus, I also find this helps trick me with finding my books as I have a visual memory!

Hammer and Heels

Hammer and Heels

Remember heavy items at the bottom, light at the top –  Those old laws of physics will always apply with bookshelves – whether you have your bookcase attached to the wall or not (you should for safety reasons!) keeping heavy items on the lower shelves will help keep your shelving stable. Big heavy items, be it thick books or a large accent piece also look great at lower levels, are less likely to break if they don’t have as far to fall and most importantly will prevent your shelves from toppling over or becoming top heavy!

bookshelf 2


Keep child friendly items at child friendly heights – If you have children that are using your bookshelf, keep their books on the lower shelves which are reachable for their little fingers…