Rustic French

Nope, sadly this post is not about bread but if you happen to be munching on some crusty baguette while reading, bonus points for you! Today I’m talking about Rustic French interiors and there are a couple of words that automatically come to mind when I think of this style – rustic, glam, natural and elegant. It’s a look that is really only suited to specific criteria, but that doesn’t mean it’s a look that can’t be enjoyed by many. Rustic French interiors reveal a humble side of French design, that is stripped back to reveal the natural beauty and then highlighted by elegant French pieces, be it a glamorous chandelier or classic Louis chair – almost as enjoyable as a rust, french loaf…

Rustic French Living area

Coco & Kelley

Rustic French Kitchen

Home bunch

Rustic French Living

A White Carousel

Rustic French Dining

Home Edit

Rustic French Bedroom




Chinese New Year

Chines New Year is just around the corner, and this year is celebrating the Sheep & Goat. In honour of this wonderful time of year for the biggest Asian nation I thought I would share some mind blowing & gorgeous Chinese inspired interiors. From the Ming Dynasty right through to Modern Chinese Design one thing is for sure, the Chinese have a way of refining & perfecting their work to the upmost standard. There are so many elements of traditional and modern Chinese design that are incorporated into western styling – take a look around and you may be quite surprised. From porcelain vases through to wall murals or lattice screens Chinese design brings us a lot more then just Feng Shui…

Chinese Chippendale Chair

Chinoiserie Chic


Despierta Ymira

Chinese Wall Mural

Modern Declaration

Chinese Porcelain

Desire to inspire

Park Residence

World Architecture News




Moroccan Interiors

Just the thought of Morocco conjures up many vibrant images in my mind – rich timbers, bright colours, and great patterns.  It all adds up to a style that instantly spells fun, but aside from Morocco’s style (and food),  I don’t know all that much about this region. From what I can gather it would be a country full of personality and vibrancy, the design styles and bold flavours give an impression of freedom, fun and family and that alone is enough for me to be drawn to this style. There are so many design aspects we can thank Morocco for – from light fittings to tiles and all that’s in between. When you look at it, you might just find there are more Moroccan influences around than you originally thought. Whether it’s a lounge room that’s filled with colour and pattern or a more subtle kitchen with neutral colours and Moroccan inspired tiles, this is a great style that is well suited to many homes – indoors and out.

Neutral moroccan


Moroccan Pouffs


Moroccan Interiors

Kimberly Genevieve

Moroccan Headboard

Maisons Du Monde

Moroccan Kitchen

The Kitchn

Moroccan alfresco

Natural Area Rugs



Statement front doors

I have a confession. One of my favourite evening activities is going for walks around our local neighbourhood purely with the intention of checking out nearby homes – and there is always one that stands out, simply because it has an amazing front door. Painted cherry red, with black surrounds it is the bold entrance to this particular home that gives the whole property character and personality. It gets me thinking,  first impressions count and the entrance to your home, including the front door can say as much about your style and personality as anything within your home. Whether you have a simple timber front door with a couple of topiary plants, a large festive wreath or your front door painted a bright, welcoming colour – what sort of first impression is your home giving?

I absolutely love putting up our Christmas Wreath each year as it makes our entry more festive, happy & welcoming – all the emotions I hope our guests will feel upon entering our home. Right now, behind the wreath is a boring cream & green-grey front door, so in the next few days when our wreath comes down I’m going to be thinking hard about how we can jazz that up, with a fresh coat of paint or something more to make the space a little more inviting. Here’s a few ideas that have been inspiring me over the past few days…

1. Enhancing intricate details – If you’ve got it, flaunt it! The turquoise on this door is absolutely stunning, but what it’s really doing is letting the gorgeous lattice-work stand out. Can you image if it was all painted cream? Still pretty but nowhere near as dramatic!

Statement front doors by Liv with Vision


2. Go with double doors –  If you’ve got the space, use it! I seriously love the grand appearance that double-doors create & while we don’t have space in our current home it’s one item on the wish list for one day when we do move.

Statement front doors by Liv with Vision

Desire to Inspire

3. Oversized – Alternatively to double doors, one oversized pivot door will add serious wow factor to any modern home.

Statement front doors by Liv with Vision


4. Go with colour – It should be no surprise that I chose a soft-blue here! Warm, welcoming and not soft colours can add beautiful depth & character to your home while just giving the slightest hint to what is on the other side – and I really want to know what is on the other side.

Statement front doors by Liv with Vision

J’adore J Crew

5. Glass – While not being for everyone, especially if your home looks out to the street, glass front doors can make a beautiful statement to you home. I personally think they are best suited to a courtyard entrance which enjoys a lot of privacy. Although generally their main advantage (to me) is the amount of light that is let into the home by utilising all that glass instead of a solid wall.

Statement front doors by Liv with Vision

The Peak of Tres Chic

6. Adding Plants – And finally, possibly one of the easiest and potentially the most cost effective ways to spice up your front entry is to add some lush greenery. Even one plant sitting next to your entry will create a fresh and sculptural ambience.

Statement front doors by Liv with Vision

Design you trust


Coastal Style

When I think of decorating a home by the water, I think of a couple of different styles – from nautical to beachy, relaxed coastal chic or something that is more suited to city harbour living. They all have some similarities, but each style is definitely unique in its own right. Coastal chic would have to be my personal favourite and one that I think is probably the most popular around town. It ticks all the relaxed and comfortable boxes, but is refined and has a sense of sophistication.

The style encompasses a lot of white and neutral colours, often with just a hint of various shades of blue – just like the colours you’d find at the beach. Lots of textural items are used, from wicker to fabric upholstery and raw timbers. Styling a coastal chic home often uses a mix of chunky  and classic furniture with glass tables that do a great job at keeping spaces looking open and large. The overall look captures the natural elements and feelings of being at the beach, without necessarily using obvious images (prints or artwork) or products (surf boards, life buoys, etc.) that are often found at the beach to decorate the space….

pic 6

Nest Design Co

pic 3

Live Breathe Décor

pic 2

Home Bunch

pic 1


pic 4

Live Simply