Favourite candle scents for Autumn

Now that the cooler evenings are starting to roll in, there’s nothing sweeter than coming home, slipping on some cosy loungewear and filling my home with warm candle light. It’s not quite cool enough for an open fire, but a few candles dotted around the home really make the space feel a lot cosier. So with this said weather change, it’s a good time to switch out some the summery floral scents for something more woodsier or warmer. Below are some of my favourite scents for Autumn, inspired by Autumn baking and new season fruits and with scents like Mimosa & Wild Apple or Burnt Sugar & Fig they’ll have you drifting to cloud nine in no time..

Autumn Candle Scents

Esperance, Apple Pie, Hello Hamptons

candles 2

Chai Latte, Coney Island, Salted Butter Caramel


A Cushy World: Autumn Cushion Combinations

Now that we’re stepping into Autumn, nights are starting to get a little cooler and the thought of snuggling up on the couch with a good book or movie is becoming more appealing. Snuggling up with lots of cushions (and a great blanket) is definitely the best way and about this time of year I think it’s nice to swap out the summer brights for something a bit more seasonal. The added bonus is, updating your cushions is bar far one of the easiest and most effective ways to change the overall theme of a living space. I have my year round cushions of choice – generally neutrals that can tie in with a variety of colours, patterns or other textures – but I tend to feel the need to switch up my cushions as the weather changes. Here’s a selection of some combinations I’m loving for Autumn:

1. Midnight Blush: Autumn doesn’t mean everything has to be in shades of red and gold, mixing in blush pink (a typically Spring colour) with black or charcoal grey is a great way to make this trendy tone work for both seasons. I can picture this combo on modern black or pale grey leather.

A Cushy World: Autumn Cushion Combinations

A Cushy World: Autumn Cushion Combinations

 Lev Cushion, Midnight Blush Cushion, Mezi Cushion

2. Golden Texture: I really love all the gold foiled cushions that are hitting the shelves at the moment, mixing this trend in with some abstract prints and a faux fur is a great way to add some cosy comfort while still enjoying a little sparkle. This look would work beautifully on a cream or chocolate brown sofa.

A Cushy World: Autumn Cushion Combinations

A Cushy World: Autumn Cushion Combinations

 Golden Mirror Tiles Cushion, Alaska Cushion, Gilt Limited Edition Cushion

3. Giraffe Safari: I don’t know why, but for me Autumn is the season of Animal prints. Whether its leopard, zebra or cowhide these patterns just suit the season really well. Mixing in with a playful floral, the animal print transforms in a more neutral texture and the overall look stands out beautifully. I’d love to see this look on a chunky cord, cream couch

A Cushy World: Autumn Cushion Combinations

A Cushy World: Autumn Cushion Combinations

 Faux Dark Giraffe Cushion, Leather Cushion, Celeste Breakfast Cushion

4. Pumpkin Fields: Orange and Navy go together like bread a butter and in Autumn I couldn’t think of a colour scheme that’s any more seasonally appropriate. I love this herringbone cushion mixed in with the luscious velvet and knitted texture – it would pair well on a classic brown sofa.

A Cushy World: Autumn Cushion Combinations

A Cushy World: Autumn Cushion Combinations

 Velvet Cushion, Hunter Cushion, Herringbone Cushion

5. Grey Sunshine: Charcoal is another classic for Autumn (and a great colour to use year round), while the added pop of yellow brightens the look. The combinations of a textured check, studded velvet and cheery print would make white sofas more seasonally appropriate for cooler months.

A Cushy World: Autumn Cushion Combinations

A Cushy World: Autumn Cushion Combinations

5. Grey Sunshine: Jed CushionStudded Velvet Cushion, Botanica Cushion

Coffe Table books

Glammed up Coffee Tables would have to be one of the biggest trends hitting instagram feeds at the moment. Tables well placed with a sleek tray, a couple of decorative objects, a gorgeous vase with fresh flowers and a little stack of books. Ranging from fashion to travel, design or the latest cookbook, these well illustrated hardcover books are a pleasure to flip through and also provide another element to lounge rooms with their exquisitely photographed covers. We don’t have a coffee table at the moment – a large ottoman fills that space and we’re in the midst of building one for our second lounge, but I can assure you my addiction for coffee table books is still way up there. While not quite as sturdy as a table, using the ottoman as a coffee table has been working just fine for the display of pretty items. Using a tray we have been utilising the space for display while still not missing out on the comfort of putting our feet up. The added benefit is, all our display items can easily be removed by placing the tray elsewhere, giving us a few extra seats when entertaining.

coffee table

Better Decorating Bible

Being such a big part of current trends in coffee table decorating, today I’m going to share with you some of my favourite coffee table books.  When considering purchasing one of these books it is also important to choose decorative literature that reflects your taste, hobbies, passions and personality – whether that’s cooking, home décor, travel or fashion – choose what you love to get the most enjoyment our of this centrepiece. All these below titles have a special place in my heart so I absolutely love having any of them on display.

1. The Bathers’ Pavilion By Serge Dansereau – Earlier this year, our wedding was at Bather’s Pavilion, I was absolutely delighted to discover this book a few months later. It is filled with beautiful recipes and images that bring back memories from the best day of my life.

The Bathers’ Pavilion by Serge Dansereau

2. Easy Luxury by Darren Palmer – Easily my favourite designer, Darren Palmer is not only extremely talented but is also a really nice guy. He’s the type of designer I aspire to be and his style is always spot on.

Easy Luxury - Darren Palmer

Easy Luxury – Darren Palmer

3. Style by Lauren Conrad – While Darren Palmer is my design icon, Lauren Conrad is my style icon. I’m an avid follower of her blog and her two books, Style and Beauty are equally beautiful and practical.

Style by Lauren Conrad

4. Luxury Private Islands by Farhad Vladi – Tropical beach holidays are my favourite type of holiday, whether its to Thailand, The Maldives or the North Coast of Australia they are always the most refreshing and enjoyable for me. This book, is filled with gorgeous photos of private islands, and is like a mini daydream escape, or source of inspiration for the next getaway.

Luxury Private Islands by  Farhad Vladi

Luxury Private Islands by Farhad Vladi

5. Andrew & Olivia by Me –  I’ve saved the best for last! This would be my favourite coffee table book, and something I highly recommend doing. Making your own coffee table book, filled with images from special days, travel, family or friends is not only a great talking point, but a wonderful way to capture and share. I created our book through Blurb and I could not speak highly enough of the quality and service.

Andrew and Olivia

Andrew and Olivia


The Summer Table

In Summer there’s nothing better than having everyone around for an alfresco dinner party. Some of my fondest childhood memories are big family seafood lunches out by the pool at Christmas or New years –  it truly was the best way to get together and enjoy the festive season! So I thought in preparation for the warm season that lies ahead, what better timing to feature some outdoor dining options?

From Zinc to timber, glass or wicker – don’t let the great outdoors limit your thinking too much with regard to material options. In today’s market there are so many different styles and price points that stylish outdoor dining is only limited by your imagination. Your outdoor space is one area of your home where bright and beautiful colours can be embraced and enjoyed – taking inspiration from your home’s architecture and garden. For a little more inspiration, below is a collection featuring some of my favourite looks for summer soirées and causal dinners…



Freedom table


pottery barn table

Pottery Barn

pic 1

the kitchn


Beyond Spaces


Happy Melbourne Cup Day

Today is Melbourne Cup. In Australia it’s the biggest horse race of the year and commonly known as “the race that stops the nation.” It’s a chance to skip out of work for a few hours spend time celebrating with friends or co-workers. In celebration of this wonderful day I thought I would share some images on ways you can incorporate some horse décor into your home. I grew up horse riding and am a huge fan of these magnificent animals so am quite fond of all of these styles. From Pony hides to rocking horses and all that lies between, I hope you enjoy these rooms as much as the race itself!

horse print

Innovative Interior

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn


Lay Baby Lay

rocking horse

Nordic House

pony hide chairs