The Block Room Reveals – Powder room, laundry & wine cellar (week 4)

That’s right folks, this week was a triple room week! I can’t imagine the stress and pressure the contestants must have felt when Scotty Cam revealed what rooms will need to be completed within the next 7 days – and then boom, it’s not just one room, it’s three! Monday night’s reveals were really interesting for me because wine cellars are an absolute first for the Block and my Dad, being a huge wine fanatic, has built three wine cellars from scratch so naturally I was very interested in how each couple would take this space a run with it. Separate Laundry rooms were also somewhat new to the block as in the past few seasons this space has been incorporated with powder rooms so it was nice to be seeing them completed an individual room. But enough of my rambling, lets get to it…

Josh & Charlotte: Individually I felt different about each of Josh & Charlotte’s rooms. The powder room with timber detail and marble tiles is absolutely gorgeous, simple but stunning and just what you need for a powder room – I’d be happy to have any guest grace this space! Next up was their laundry, and again while very simple this space would also prove to be extremely practical – all that bench & storage space is just amazing. Overall, both of these spaces tick all the necessary boxes and provide a great canvas for making either room a little more personal, which from what I gather is just what Josh & Charlotte and trying to achieve.

The Block - Josh & Charlotte's Powder Room

Josh & Charlotte’s Powder Room

The block - Josh & Charlotte's Laundry

Josh & Charlotte’s Laundry

Finally was the cellar, or rather wine display room? This is where I was a little disappointed, sure it looks great but in reality if you are the kind of person who needs a wine cellar, then you’re going to want to store a lot more than what their solution could handle. The white wine fridge is great, but other than that the space looked more like it belonged in the midst of a high end restaurant – where they just want to display the best of the best.

The Block - Josh & Charlotte's Wine Cellar

Josh & Charlotte’s Wine Cellar

Tim & Anastasia: Next up was Tim & Anastasia and sadly, none of their rooms really wowed me. The black powder room would for some be really beautiful, but I couldn’t imagine being a in a small space surrounded by so much black – definitely a personal preference, but I found the room to be quite claustrophobic (and that just from viewing it on the TV!). The laundry on the other hand is much better, and again has amazing storage. I was glad here to see they had incorporated some more white into the room but the space felt quite stark and clinical with the pure black & white colour scheme.

The Block - Tim & Anastasia's Powder Room

Tim & Anastasia’s Powder Room

The Block - Tim & Anastasia's Laundry

Tim & Anastasia’s Laundry

Finally was Tim & Anastasia’s wine cellar, which originally I thought had the same issue with storage , but thankfully each of the racks holds multiple bottles! I really  like this space – it is classy, simple and practical. The glass door is also a gorgeous addition, although I’m not so sure it would be great with insulating cool air generated from the climate control system (those speaker looking things on the right).

The Block - Tim & Anastasia's Wine Cellar

Tim & Anastasia’s Wine Cellar

Jess & Ayden: Really stepped up this week with their powder room and laundry. I loved how they used the marble hexagon tiles and paired with the light timbers around the mirror and vanity – this more restrained use of the feature tile was much more effective! The laundry is also a really nice and inviting space, I liked how Jess & Ayden continued the look and paired a warmer mosaic feature tile with a similar timber bench top to the timbers used in the powder room. Of all the couples, Jess & Ayden were also the only ones to use cupboards rather than open shelves for the upper cupboards and from practicality point of view I definitely agree with their choice here.

The Block - Jess & Ayden's Powder Room

Jess & Ayden’s Powder Room

The Block - Jess & Ayden's Laundry

Jess & Ayden’s Laundry

Unfortunately, Jess & Ayden didn’t continue with this light, welcoming theme for their wine cellar. The space here will be excellent for storing wine and I’m sure it will look much better once filled, but as it was revealed with limited bottles in the storage cage, the space came off as being industrial and was quite underwhelming. As for their tasting station, I had to agree Darren’s comment that it isn’t a very inviting space for a wine tasting.

The Block - Jess & Ayden's Wine Cellar

Jess & Ayden’s Wine Cellar

Darren & Deanne: On to the winners of this week’s reveal and I couldn’t have agreed more with the result. The light & bright powder room with feature mosaic tile works in really nicely with their main bathroom upstairs by using the similar tile in a different colour. Meanwhile, their black and white laundry has been made to feel more inviting with the addition of a timber bench top. Again, the storage facility in this laundry is something most people would only dream of and the addition of a drying cabinet and laundry shoot is genius.

The Block - Darren & Deanne's Powder Room

Darren & Deanne’s Powder Room

The Block - Darren & Deanne's Laundry

Darren & Deanne’s Laundry

The final room from week’s reveal, was also the most controversial. Stocked with over 500 bottles of wine, Darren and Deanne were able to present a stunning and, as the judges put it, very sexy wine cellar. Personally I loved the combination of storage Darren and Deanne installed, their space is able to store a huge amount of wine while also displaying some special bottles – which most for most wine connoisseurs would be top priority. To me, their only downfall for this space is not having a cooling unit to ensure the wine is kept at the correct temperature, but that is something that could be installed later on.

The Block - Darren & Deanne's Wine Cellar

Darren & Deanne’s Wine Cellar



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