7 Vignettes – March

At the start of each month Interiors Addict host a 7-day competition called 7 Vignettes. I’ve always wanted to play but have felt a little intimidated, however with the start of a new year I thought – why not? So, at the start of this year I resolved to join in and share some of my own little creations each month.

I’m now (already?!) onto my third month of play – you can check out my January & February creations here & here. This months theme was sponsored by Keeki, a Melbourne based furniture & homewares company and the themes were broader than past months – oddly making the creative process a bit more of a challenge! Check out images below of the vignettes I created and if these little snippets inspire you, then I recommend taking a look at the full gallery of vignettes by searching #7vignettes on instagram.

Day 1 - Metallic

Day 1 – Metallic

coffe table shelfie

Day 2 – Coffee table / “Shelfie”

Day 3 - Bedroom

Day 3 – Bedroom

Day 4 - Freestyle

Day 4 – Freestyle

Day 5 - Shiny

Day 5 – Shiny


Day 6 - Blue

Day 6 – Blue


Day 7 - Floral

Day 7 – Floral



So that’s it – another month down! Through this process I’m starting to discover my style and preferred photography methods. This month I tried out the idea od creating a “mini-mock” studio, I really liked the way this turned out and think I might start playing with this idea some more. While the focus of this completion is on the vignettes, I’m also learning how important the photography of said vignettes is. So that online photography course I bought myself about six ago might just need to be used and finally put into practice! Until next time … xx


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