The Block Room Reveals – Bedroom 2 (week 3)

Welcome to another Block-tastic Monday, this week we are talking about the second round of bedrooms that were revealed last night. And WOW – what an improvement from the first set that were revealed just two weeks ago!! I really enjoyed last night’s reveal, mainly because at this stage of the competition we start to get a solid idea of the look or style each couple are going for in their apartment – and this season is no exception. Last night’s smorgasbord of rooms had a lot more confidence, all the bedrooms had more character than the first round and a ‘softness’ that I think is really important for this particular area of rest & relaxation. One thing is for sure it makes me feel sorry for rooms in the first two weeks, as they are often a bit of a testing ground as the contestants find their feet and what works for them – thankfully these are often the rooms that get to be revisited toward the end of the season! But back to today’s point – the bedrooms….

Josh + Charlotte: Delivered a room that is really cool for a hip, young couple. I loved the combination of textures and shapes from the rug to the leather end-of-bed ottoman and pale grey arm chair.  There is a very relaxed and casual vibe about this room – highlighted more by the “messy” made bed, that contrary to Shaynna’s opinion, I actually really liked!

Josh + Charlotte Guest Bedroom - The Block Triple Threat

Josh + Charlotte

Tim + Anastasia – After receiving a mentoring session from Darren Palmer, this bedroom is a huge improvement on their first. So much so that Tim & Anastasia took home the winners cup for their room this week. Taking some of Darren’s best advice and turning their second bedroom into a space of their own, this couple presented a gorgeous bedroom filled with texture, elegance & sumptuous ambience.

Tim + Anastasia Guest Bedroom - The Block Triple Threat

Tim + Anastasia

Ayden + Jess – From deep & moody, to bright and cheery. Jess & Ayden created a room that I really liked. Their custom made bedhead does feature one of my favourite fabrics of all time (Kasuri by Warwick) so maybe that makes me a little bias but aside from that I really liked their choice of rug, window treatments and those bedside tables are just awesome!! Sadly I think (as the judges said) the biggest downfall is the teeny-tiny wardrobe, but additional to this I thought the four different timbers (bed, pendants, floor & bedside tables) also make the room look a little disjointed.

Jess + Ayden Guest Bedroom - The Block Triple Threat

Ayden + Jess

Darren + Deanne: On to the room that gave us all the drama for last nights episode! Darren & Deanne’s room, or rather their purple & Leopard print bedhead caused havoc between the judges and it was just too brilliant not to watch. I almost forgot they were judging a room. In saying that, Leopard is a print that totally polarises people – you either love it or hate it. But this was a bedhead that had to be used and if there is only one point it proved, it’s that Deanne can design & style almost anything exceptionally. On my side of the screen, I agreed with Neale that the room was sexy & seductive, but at the same time I’m not so sure I’d want to live with it…

Darren + Deanne Guest Bedroom - The Block Triple Threat

Darren + Deanne


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