The Block Room Reveals – Bedroom (week 1)

OK people it’s officially started! The Block Triple Threat (or as I like to call Triple Treat) has officially started as we now have our four teams selected. Last nights room reveals were like sweet torture as we had to say goodbye to two of our favourite ‘all-stars’. But I have to be honest, Darren & Deanne have so far blown my mind with every room they’ve produced and I was gutted when they didn’t get a great reward at the end of last season, so I’m very excited for them to be on again.

Back to the point of this post – the room reveals. Last night’s episode and the sweet torture, as this episode was exactly that on a number of levels. The ‘newbies’ received a large dose of torture from the Judges, while the ‘all-stars’ received much sweet praise. I have to say I completely agree with the comments of the judges so far but I really do feel for those newbies! So, in order of last night’s episode, lets take a quick look at each room…

Josh & Charlotte: At first I quite liked this room, but not for the purposes of a bedroom. The artwork while great, would probably be better suited to a living space. Additional to this, there really wasn’t much colour in the room aside from the artwork and I thought it left the space feeling some what clinical. After the last few rooms that Josh & Charlotte had produced I was a but underwhelmed by this, but the execution of the space was really great and I was impressed by their finishes. Check out their entire room here.

Josh & Charlotte - The Block Tripple Threat week 1

Josh & Charlotte

Tim & Anastasia: I completely agreed with the judges for this room – all of this styling we have seen before so the room did look quite generic. However the carpets, wall colours, window dressing and built-in robes all provide a great foundation that could easily be built upon to give this space more individuality and character.  Click through to see their entire room here.

Tim & Anastasia - The Block Tripple Threat week 1

Tim & Anastasia

Jess & Ayden: This was my favourite of the newbies bedrooms  – the robes are just gorgeous with the panelling over the mirrors, the timber flooring is warm & inviting and I the pendant lights look great. Beyond that, the cushioning and artwork freaked me out a bit. The artwork, is one that is very personal and I found it a little creepy, and not only was the mass of cushions a bit of a random mix, the lay out with some on a 45 degree angel also really irritated me – there just wasn’t any cohesion. Take a look at all the pictures here.

Jess & Ayden - The Block Tripple Threat week 1

Jess & Ayden

Bec & George: On to the ‘all stars’, and what a difference. Not only did all three rooms have character and a welcoming warmth that the others lacked, they also had a level of style that was beautifully refined and sophisticated! Bec and George’s room really impressed me and I was so sad to see them go. Their bedroom with that Chevron floor was just divine. The number of layered textures from leather to fur, chunky knits, linen and natural fibres sounds like it should be a gross mess, but was executed so beautifully. If only there was no eliminations, I would have really loved to see their whole apartment! Check all the pictures here.

Bec & George - The Block Tripple Threat week 1

Bec & George

Matt & Kim: What a transformation for these guys! I think if any of the judges had known who it was styling this New York inspired bedroom, they would have been knocked off their feet! The level of detailing in this room just blows my mind – 1 week you guys! This room was transformed from nothing to this amazing, 5th Avenue worthy space in just 1 week! One things for sure, when Matt and Kim work a space they give it their 110%! I definitely recommend taking a look at all the pictures and details here.

Matt & Kim - The Block Tripple Threat week 1

Matt & Kim

Daz & Dea: On to the winning room and I really don’t know how the judges chose. I absolutely adore this space, from the colour palette to the textures, wall paper, light fittings and beyond. I could take it all, wrap it up (very carefully) and inject it into my own home in less than a heartbeat! it’s just 100% to my taste and executed beautifully. The velvet, pastel cushions are right on trend at the moment and as Darren said the Seagrass wall paper is the epitome of luxury, just divine. Congratulations Darren & Deanne – I hope this year is exceptionally successful for you both! Check out the winning room here.

darren & deanne - The Block Tripple Threat week 1

Daz & dea

What did you think of the reveals? Did you have a favourite?


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