Liv Loves

Happy Friday everyone! Since it is eve of valentines, today’s post is going to be focussed on all things romantic and lovely. Personally I think February is one of the best months of the year as it really does bring out the love in everyone – and who wouldn’t be happy about that? Whether you’re single and just want to splurge some love on yourself or your bestie, or in a relationship and take this opportunity to indulge your better half – February is definitely a lovely time of year. I’ve always been a big believer in Valentines day, but not for the chocolate or flowers. For me it is like Mothers Day or Fathers Day, where we can take the opportunity to spread some love. It’s a great reminder to sit back, and think about how blessed we are to have love in our lives. So, that being said, heres five things that I love and that remind me to love in return…

1. Sunsets: Never fail to amaze me. Colours in the sky that just aren’t meant to be there – in all shades of pink, gold and purple…



2. Fresh flowers: Another one of God’s greatest gifts to us, fresh flowers in the home are by far my favourite treat to give or receive.

Fresh Flowers for the home

Flower Mag

3. Home baked goodies: Nothing says love like a freshly baked batch of biscuits, muffins or a yummy cake. Life’s meant to be sweet!


Baking by Kendra

4. Encouraging words: whether they are sweet and loving or inspirational. Kind and uplifting words are the best kind!

love note

Loren’s World

5. Precious moments with this guy: My forever valentine

My love

My love


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