Desert Hues

Today we’re taking a look at Desert Hues, and to be honest when I first thought of this topic I didn’t quite know what to expect. But the more I thought about it and what colours are found in the desert, the more inspired I became. From the Australian red sands to the dunes of Dubai or plains of California, I thought these colours could have a lot of potential. I looked at some individual pictures of deserts and found each had its own colour scheme that could translate really beautifully into interior schemes. From soft sandy pinks right through to melting sunsets hues or sage greens found in cacti, take a look at the below images for how the desert can inspire some truly beautiful colour schemes – proving that nature really does have a way of putting together the best colour palettes…

1. A Californian Desert duo

Californian Desert Inspiration

Lauren Conrad

2. Egyptian plains

Egyptian desert inspiration


3. The Iconic Australia red sands

Australian Desert Inspiration

An Indian Summer

4. Dubai Dunes

Dubai Dunes Inspiration

The Everygirl

5. A Middle-Eastern melting sunset

Desert Sunset Inspiration

Hyper Julia



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