Colour of the week – Lime

This weeks colour is a challenge for me. I say that straight up, as it is not one I would really choose for my home. In saying that, I chose this colour because often as a designer we have to work with styles or colours that are very different to our own personal choices. It is always a bigger challenge than working with what you love, but it’s a very important skill to master and reaps huge rewards when the client loves what has been created. So, with that in mind, I put myself to the challenge and this week our colour is Lime. Take a look at the images below to see how this bright, vibrant hue can effectively be worked into a variety of styles – and for some tips on how you can work it into your home (if you’re like my Mum and LOVE the colour).

Work it with Neutrals – Lime goes so well with neutrals like tans or warm greys as it’s such a vibrant colour that is often found in nature. By using a variation of Lime that is toned back to it’s most natural state, the colour enhances neutral palettes in the best way possible –  giving neutral rooms a cheeky grin!

Liv with Vision | Colour of the week - Lime

Gris cálido

Liv with Vision | Colour of the week - Lime

House & Garden

Background Drama – Adding lime to your background – be it in bookcases or on a splash back – adds a punch of colour to a room like nothing else. The key here is to pair in with crisp whites to achieve a fresh & vibrant scheme where the lime can do all the talking.

Liv with Vision | Colour of the Week

Décor Pad

Liv with Vision | Colour of the week - Lime

House to Home

Tie it together – Like any colour scheme, when it’s tied together in the details, it works 100% better. The below bedroom colour palette works because all the colours used are clean and crisp, they have similar levels of clarity and by sticking to the colour palette in the quilt cover the overall scheme is cohesive and well executed.

Liv with Vision | Colour of the week - Lime

Danielle Oakey Interiors

Variety – Using a variety of greens and various shades of lime, the two rooms below work exceptionally well to create welcoming, sophisticated looks. Both garden inspired rooms take this particular shade of green to a new level by incorporating fresh greenery, art and a natural base.

Liv with Vision | Colour of the week - Lime

Plum Siena

Liv with Vision | Colour of the week - Lime

How to Decorate



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