About time – Clocks for your home

When we think of decorating our walls, we don’t always think outside the box of artwork. Sculptures, Clocks and Wallpapers are all other options that can look equally as good or better than prints or artworks. Clocks are one item that are often overlooked. Typical, small, round clocks are often placed on walls that are far too big and expansive for such a small item. Today I’m sharing my top five clock styles that will pack-a-punch in any living space, giving it personality, character and wow factor.



1. Go Modern – This clock by MomentoItalia is functional and unique, with the ability to place the numbers as close or as far away as desired it’s perfect for an ultramodern home or for those with a quirky personality.

Round Time Optical - MomentoItalia

Round Time Optical – MomentoItalia

2. Double Duty – Being sculptural and modern, this feather clock by Karlsson is more sculpture than it is clock. Having no numbers, its function is subtle but still useable.


Feathers Wall Clock – Zanui

3. Keep it soft – This lace clock by Freedom is modern but would look equally as gorgeous in a french provincial home.


Lace Clock – Freedom

4. Country Classic – Nothing reminds me more of home than an oversize classic, country clock.  This French inspired clock would look beautiful in any home from the country to the coast.

Riverdale Rod Wall Clock - Zanui

Riverdale Rod Wall Clock – Zanui

5. Or go Rustic – Taking it one step further, this country clock made from rustic panels is a perfect suitor for a country or beach house that is filled with personality.


Rustic Wood Plank Clock – Etsy


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