A Cushy World: Spring Cushion Combinations

Seeing as we are well and truly into spring, I thought it would be fun to share my favourite throw cushions or pillows for the season. Cushions are one of the easiest, most effective and least expensive ways to give a room a new lease of life.  I have my year round cushions of choice – generally neutrals that can tie in with a variety of colours, textures or patterns – but I tend to feel the need to switch up my cushions as the weather changes. Here’s a breakdown of the top five combinations I’m loving for spring:

1. Coral Reef – Left to Right: Big Spot Cushion, Reef Cushion, Textured Cushion

Combo 3

2. Gold & Blush – Left to Right: Samsa Cushion, Abstract One, Velvet Cushion

combo 5

3. Soft Pastels – Left to Right: Hosk Solid, Bottle Brush, Alma Cushion

Combo 4

4. Pink Tango – Left to Right: Jute Border, Kangaroo PawZeta Chevron

Combo 2

5. Royal Peacock – Left to Right: Horizon Blue, Acacia Leaf, Peacock


What do you think?

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