Interior Design Trends 2014 – Softer Black and White

Over the past couple of years we have been seeing a lot of black & white interiors that are sleek, modern & very sophisticated. While that trend doesn’t look like it will disappearing anytime soon, it is definitely evolving. A softness is being brought into this trend by using blacks that aren’t quite as solid, whites that are a little warmer and textures that bring in a sense of softness. The style is developing a heart and evolving into a style that is now chic, modern and well suited to not just the minimalist home. So what is the trick in creating a softer black and white scheme for your home?

Incorporate with blonde timbers – This will warm up the colour scheme, without adding too much colour. Pale timber hues sit beautifully with fresh whites and prevent the look from being harsh or stark.

Pic 1

Brit + Co

Pic 4

Crane and Canopy

Use Texture – Nothing softens a room like a variety of textures. To transform a space from sleek to chic in a very budget friendly and fast manner, use throws, cushions, rugs and other textural items such as woven baskets.

Pic 3


Bring in Shades of Grey – Here you can be as lavish or modest as you choose. By simply adding a shade or two of grey a pure black and white room will be dramatically softened. This can also be achieved by using off-white instead of a crisp-white or charcoal instead of black.

Pic 6

La Luna

Pic 2

Fresh Home

Pic 5



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