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Well, it’s already here again! Gosh the weeks seem to be flying by at the moment, I must be having far too much fun! This week, has been filled with some wonderful surprises and adventures from having our bench tops installed to achieving some really great, personal goals. Below are some things I’ve discovered and fallen for this week, that I have been itching to share with you today.

The Home – Is your go-to website for inspiring home and living products. The team source designer finds from big brands and boutique labels to give members easy access to their discoveries without the designer price tag. Check it out here

The Home

Watercolour Dreams – Absolutely in love with these cushions and prints from Urban Road. I’m predicting that watercolour home décor is going to be trending big time over the coming months, especially as we move into spring.


Ombre Cakes – This trend has been doing the rounds for a little while now, and I’m not sure if it’s my lack of kitchen or something else, but I have re-found a love for these beautiful cakes and cannot wait to get my hands dirty with some baking in the very near future.

ombre cake

Speaking of cookingMy new roots is a site I have been fond of for quite a while. Dedicated to making healthy choices, Sarah shares not only the most beautiful food porn, but also some pretty incredible recipes. I highly recommend her Raw Cashew Dreamcake, but today am loving the look of these crackers.


Daffodils – Today is daffodil day. In Australia this is the day to show you care about the fight to beat cancer. All funds raised go towards research, prevention and support services for those affected by cancer. It’s an incredible initiative and a beautiful way to welcome in spring, with some fresh flowers in your home or bright sunny pin on your lapel.

Happy weekend everyone! xx


Industrial Interiors

Industrial interiors would have to be the most popular style for loft apartments, old buildings, re-purposed and commercial sites. The style is all about proudly showing off the buildings architecture and using this as the canvas for furnishing and decorating. Industrial spaces are like a naked form – raw and ready to be styled.

The look is all about polishing a raw, unfinished look, but without finishing it off. It’s embracing an exposed brick wall, concrete floor or exposed trusses and then adding in furnishings to compliment and enhance the space. This aesthetic works best alongside modern, minimalist or rustic styles and today I’m going to share some key elements of how to achieve this look.

1. Colour – Industrial interiors are typically very neutral with their colour palette. Think browns, greys, blacks and crystal, clear whites. It’s about using what’s already in the space and not adding items that will fight or try to take the spotlight away from what’s already there.

Pic 6

Pic 3

2. Texture –  Raw and unfinished surfaces are quintessential to industrial spaces with exposed brick walls, concrete or timber floors and exposed ceilings being some of the key components. Layering on top of that can be anything from a lush, velvet sofa or modern chandelier to a mixture of metals or raw timbers pieces.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 4

3. Space – Take a look at most industrial spaces and you may note that white space is generally in abundance, whether it’s floor space, space on the walls or furniture that has not been layered with accessories or accents. Industrial interiors work best with minimal accessories so the features of the building can take centre stage.

Pic 7

Pic 5

If you’re lucky enough to be in an apartment or building with exposed brick walls, ducting or concrete floors, use this to your advantage and let the building do the talking. Feel free to add you’re own style and personality. If you’re more inclined to a vintage or modern look go with that flow, but remember to take two steps back to ensure you’re not over-doing the look.

Colour of the Week – Lemon Yellow

Yellow would have to be one of my favourite colours, so much so that most of our wedding featured around the colour. It’s warm, young, fun and used in the right way can be very sophisticated and modern, which was the exact vibe we were going for on the day. However, be warned – yellow can also go oh-so wrong! Pair with blues and you’ll quickly take a step back into the 90’s. Select the wrong shade or use too much of the colour and you could find yourself being over powered by this bright hue. Go a tinge too green or orange, and your whole space could end up looking like it’s eaten last week’s dinner! Yes, this is one colour where you have to be VERY careful when picking your hue and shade.

Being the most visible colour on the wheel, yellow is best used in either small doses or in softer shades. Enter Lemon Yellow. Lemon is a lighter, softer shade of yellow’s true form, and can work beautifully in most homes. This one colour can be used in modern, country, classic or coastal homes, and it has warm and nurturing energy which welcomes us in. See below for some tips and tricks on how you can incorporate this summery hue into your home!

Keep it modern with 50 shades of grey.

pic 1

Pair with crisp white for the ultimate, cool, summery palette.

Pic 2

Pic 3

Add bursts of colour by using stronger shades, sparingly.

Pic 4

Light up your world with bold pendants that will be definite conversation starters.

Pic 6

If in doubt, fresh is best. Be it tulips, lemons or soft yellow roses, nature has a way of creating the best colours that are soft on the eye and never quite as good when re-produced.


Thailand, a place of gentle giants, cheeky monkeys, warm sunshine and the most beautiful people you’ve ever met. We went to Thailand with some close friends about a year ago and it was my first overseas holiday over SIX YEARS!!! To say I enjoyed it would be a huge understatement!!

Our adventure to Thailand, took us right to the heart of all the action, Phuket, but action packed, our holiday was not. We stayed at the Club Med (which I probably wouldn’t recommend, except the adults only pool was amazing!!) and had a glorious week filled with relaxing, elephants, exploring remote islands (Phi Phi and it’s neighbouring relatives), visiting traditional Thai markets and enjoying massage after massage. By the end of that week, we were ready for the flight back home with well-rested hearts and rejuvenated bodies.

Whether you’re keen for a night out on the town, cultural experiences, action packed adventure, or a more relaxing holiday, Thailand has it all! Our experience was more on the relaxing side, and I’d recommend it to anyone as a destination that’s inexpensive, beautiful, friendly and just like a little slice of paradise.












Interior Design Trends 2014 – Bold Graphics

Bold graphics have been creeping their way into our homes and hearts for a little while now. On cushions, rugs, walls and even ceilings we’re seeing interiors  transform into bold and striking spaces. This ultra modern look works just as well in colour as it does in black and white or neutral palettes. Be it stripes, chevron, spots or other geometric shapes this look is one that I’m predicting will be staying around for a while.

Adding bold elements can be done in a variety of ways to virtually any room in the home. Take a look at the below examples for some inspiration on how you could boost the confidence of your abode.

Use striking tiles in the bathroom: 


Add pizzazz with cushions: 


Amp up your walls with a bold stripe


Hang a collection of graphics in your favourite shapes and colours



Use a rug to set a dramatic scene