Interior Design Trends 2014 – Bold Graphics

Bold graphics have been creeping their way into our homes and hearts for a little while now. On cushions, rugs, walls and even ceilings we’re seeing interiors  transform into bold and striking spaces. This ultra modern look works just as well in colour as it does in black and white or neutral palettes. Be it stripes, chevron, spots or other geometric shapes this look is one that I’m predicting will be staying around for a while.

Adding bold elements can be done in a variety of ways to virtually any room in the home. Take a look at the below examples for some inspiration on how you could boost the confidence of your abode.

Use striking tiles in the bathroom: 


Add pizzazz with cushions: 


Amp up your walls with a bold stripe


Hang a collection of graphics in your favourite shapes and colours



Use a rug to set a dramatic scene



5 thoughts on “Interior Design Trends 2014 – Bold Graphics

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  2. Yes I love that Block bathroom too. Light and bright unlike the others that were brown or charcoal. I’ve never understood dark bathrooms, so gloomy and will show their age quickly I think!!


    • Yes – I couldn’t agree more! My husband is always on at me as he loves dark bathrooms but I just couldn’t stand getting ready every morning in such a dark space! Bring on the light!! 🙂


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