Dubai truly is a magical place. One moment you are surrounded by buildings so big they seem to disappear into the sky, the next you are looking out to a vast desert and never-ending, but ever-changing panorama of Sand Dunes. It is seriously Incredible(!!!)

There is (absolutely, definitely) no chance that you could sum the experience up in a few words, and not even a few photos will do it justice. So, to begin this Middle Eastern adventure I will (attempt to) cover some of my highlights and leave you dreaming for more.

Lets start with the biggest highlight of them all – The Burj! As one would expect, much of the city circulates around the infamous Burj Khalifa. Taking the view in from the top, with high-tea none the less (you can’t get much higher than Level 122) is an experience definitely worth every penny. The food, tea, service, and view is just insane! I mean, just look at those little delicacies, they tasted even better than they look! And the scones that came after? just way, way too good! Still, I won’t say it’s the best High Tea I’ve ever been to as that’d just be a cliché, but I will say it’s definitely at the top of the list ;).

Second to this is the Sand Dune Desert Safari, where you can experience a huge variety of Middle-Eastern culture. We did the evening tour and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Including Sand Dune Driving, Camel Rides, a spectacular Sunset, Belly Dancing, Henna, Shisha and so much more, this tour will have you saying Shukran (Arabic for Thank you) in no time. Probably not so good if you have a weak tummy as the dunes can get a little hectic, but I promise you the sunset and food at the end is totally worth it!









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