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Happy Friday ladies and gentlemen. This week has been yet another productive and exciting week, but I’m ever so glad the weekend is almost here! This weekend I’ve got plans to go see my much loved Sydney Swans play their final home game and tonight I’m going to be whipping up some Jamie Oliver recipes for the weekend. Before I sign off, here are some of my favourite finds from this week.

Favourite Blush Bedroom:

pic 1

Favourite Vignette

pic 4

Favourite Vision Board

pic 3

Favourite Work of Art

pic 2

Favourite Kitchen

pic 5

Happy weekend everyone!


Rustic French Kitchens

When somebody says ‘Rustic French’ my first thoughts go to beautiful artisan bread, fresh out of the oven with a smell that instantly makes my mouth water. When somebody says ‘Rustic French Interiors’ my thoughts are somewhat different, albeit often wondering to spaces where said bread could be made. I have always thought kitchen’s are the heart of the home, where all the excitement and activity happens. They are places that bring people together to chat, cook, entertain and dine, and you can’t argue that the French are not passionate about their food. Which brings us to today’s focus.

Rustic French Kitchens vary in style quite dramatically, however, there are a couple of similarities that we tend to find in most French kitchens. These include freestanding appliances, natural and raw textures, chunky fit outs and eclectic mixes of pots, pans and other practical nicknacks that are scattered around in all the right places. The combined look is homely, down to earth and unique. Take a look at the images below for Rustic French at it best – double points if you do so with a french baguette in hand!

pic 1


pic 2


pic 3


pic 4

Colour of the week – Ivory

Ivory. Best know as the favourite dress colour for most modern brides. This delicious shade of white gets it’s hue from a dash of yellow and just as it complements any beautiful bride, it is also a perfect colour to use as the base for any room due to it’s warm & inviting hue. Not only as a base, Ivory is one of the few colours that works well in a whole room – walls, floors and furnishings included. Below are some of my favourite examples of how this hue can be used.

All White – As mentioned above, a room completely finished and furnished in ivory can be pretty all right! The key here is to layer textures. Using chunky knitted throws, woven fabrics, silks, smooth paint finishes and rough timbers ensure a room is completed with personality and interest.

pic 2

pic 1

pic 3 - kitchen

As a Base – Using Ivory as a base or as a tool to pare back a colour scheme is a brilliant way to use this shade of white. Ivory will happily sit in the background of a room – in architraves, ceilings, walls or floorings – setting the stage for deeper or brighter colours.

pic 6

pic 5

Keep it natural – Incorporating an all white colour scheme with timbers and natural textiles would have to be my favourite use for Ivory. Its cool, casual & summery without being too in-your-face. These two final images show how beautiful and relaxing this type of colour scheme can be. The spaces are light, airy and feel like they belong at an elegant holiday destination.

pic 7

pic 4 - lounge


Opening soon

This week I’m excited. I’m excited because the countdown is officially on for Chatswood Chase to be transformed. Throughout this week Chatswood Chase is going to be graced with the opening of Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, West Elm and Williams-Sonoma. This is massive! These four stores (all under the umbrella of Williams-Somoma Inc) made launch on our Aussie shores, back in 2013 when the maiden stores opened at Bondi Junction. Ever since that spectacular day, Australia, or more specifically, Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs have been a better place. But now, it’s the North Shore’s turn to shine when the doors open this weekend.

Now, I can appreciate that not everyone would know who this homewares giant is, so to give you a little background and to celebrate such an occasion, I’ve put together my top 5 picks from each of the stores.

Pottery Barn Founded in 1949, Pottery Barn is built on the idea that home furnishings should be exceptional in comfort, quality, style and value.


Clockwise: Avery Linen/Cotton Print Drapes, Vince Accent Stool,  Clift Glass Table Lamp, Beaded Outdoor Dinnerware, Hyannis Lanterns – Bronze

Pottery Barn Kids – Provides casual furnishings and textiles designed to delight and inspire the imagination. Each collection inherits the Pottery Barn comfortable, well-designed aesthetic and has been expertly crafted from the finest materials, with a careful regard for child safety standards.


Clockwise: World Map Cork Board, Organic Star Duvet Cover, Wool Elephant Cot Mobile, Mill Valley Bookends, Gold Dot Garland

West Elm – Believe in making things that matter, so they collaborate with independent designers and craft communities, and strive to design products that make a positive impact on people and the environment. They believe that nothing adds personality like you, and so design authentic, approachable, affordable pieces to be used in any desired way.


Clockwise: Hex Side Table, Linen Quilt Cover, Mosaic Tiles Coffee Table, Veronica Taper Leg Chair, Parsons Round Mirror – Herringbone

Williams-Sonoma – From a single store in Sonoma, California selling a small array of cookware and equipment imported from France, Williams-Sonoma has grown to offer thousands of hand-selected products from around the world. Today, you’ll find a wide variety of cookware, bakeware, kitchen tools, tableware, specialty foods and more, all characterised by their commitment to premium-quality, artisanal craftsmanship and cutting-edge innovation.


Clockwise: Rustic Italian Party Tub, Le Creuset Signature Oval Dutch Oven, Williams-Sonoma Nonstick Tools 5-Piece Set, Blue Byzantine Melamine Platter, Hamburger Grilling Basket

Interior Design Trends 2014 – Blossoming Prints

This week’s trend focus is Blossoming Prints, and by that I don’t mean the variety that you might find in your grandma’s lounge. Floral prints have come a long way over the yeas, and with modern technologies, we’re seeing some highly creative and bold ideas being implemented with this pretty trend. From simple prints or canvases to decorative sofas & rugs, the days of simply using a floral cushion or lamp shade have definitely passed! Lets take a look at some of the ways this trend is breaking the mould.

Just like pairing a pretty dress with a leather jacket, mixing florals with bold modern stripes gives the look a more modern edge which is right on trend. The first study space would be very plain and somewhat uninviting with just the black and white throw, however the addition of the floral cushion – which then links back to the Peonies on the desk – gives this space a warm welcoming feel. Likewise, the next image with a bold navy stripe stops the space from becoming too fussy with the floral rug and cushions.

pic 2

Pic 7

Bold Rugs – I really believe using colourful and patterned rugs is one of the best ways to inject life and personality into a room without it being too in-your-face. The two floral rugs featured below give both spaces a unique feel thats feminine, inviting and exciting. One of the best tips I ever received, was to buy a rug you are absolutely without a doubt in love with, and use that as inspiration for the rest of your room. Just like the wise advise I once received, these rugs are acting as the inspiration of the colour palette used in the rest of their respective rooms.

pic 3

pic 4

Oversized Art – If you have a large white space on your walls, using oversized floral prints is a beautiful way to bring colour and elegance into your space. This print below, reaching right to the floor, really sets the scene for the room. The space comes across as being very tasteful, yet still has a relaxed vibe with the use of an eclectic furniture collection.

pic 1

Use watercolour – Watercolour florals are bang on trend at the moment. Colours can become very vibrant yet still soft, which is the perfect complement in bedrooms for the young or the old. This bedroom below could definitely look like it belongs in a bedroom from generations past, however the use of varying scales and vivid colours completely modernises the space.

Pic 5