Interior Design Trends 2014 – Interchangeable Accents

Chameleons rejoice, this one is for you! Today’s trend focus is Interchangeable Accents, and it’s one that sits close to my heart. I absolutely love this trend and really believe it’s one that will stick around for a while. Accents are one of the best ways to create big bang for minimum buck, they can completely change the look of a room and give your space a unique personality.

The secret here is to start with a versatile, neutral base. This means your flooring, walls and core furniture pieces (think: sofa, dining table, TV unit, etc) are all relatively neutral. You may wish to have a base style such as more modern or classic pieces, but by keeping everything relatively simple, you give yourself more freedom to add in character with your accent pieces.

What are these accent pieces? These can be anything from your lamps or rugs to cushions or decor pieces. With this trend you can change-up as many, or as few of these items as you like to give your room a new lease of life.

So, lets take a look at some rooms with amazing accents!

Coastal Chic – The below room is quite coastal chic, but with a different ottoman, curtains and accessories, it could quickly change to being very glamorous and elegant.



Neutral Elegance – This next room with its neutral colour scheme, is an excellent example of using neutral core furniture and key pieces. The space could easily be brightened up with colourful art and cushions to make the room more playful or lively.



Lively Colour – On the other hand, this room (below) bursting with colour, could easily be toned down. By simply changing the cushions, lamps and flowers; this room could take on a completely different look and feel. From a summer paradise to a sophisticated retreat.



4 thoughts on “Interior Design Trends 2014 – Interchangeable Accents

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  2. Totally agree, a fab trend that doesn’t require re-painting every year. A feature chair (especially if upholstered in a fabulous coloured/patterned fabric, like room 3 above), mirror, cushions can totally transform a space and drawer you on :O)


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