Interior Design Trends 2014 – Glamour

There are a few styles in the design world that will stop me in my tracks, turn me around and have me lingering for a few extra seconds, and glamorous interiors definitely fall into that category. We can thank The Great Gatsby for this one, with all the opulent and lavish scenes we saw on the big screen, it’s no wonder we’ve been seeing glamorous Gatsby themed parties, weddings and interiors ever since.

In Australia, Greg Natale comes to mind as one of the best in creating glamorous interiors. His exquisite styling is spot on every time – take a look at his work here. What do you think?  If you love what Greg creates as much as we do, but don’t quite have the confidence to pull of some of his bold styles, then here are my top tips for how to add a just touch of glamour to your home:

1. Use rich colours to add depth and drama


2. Move furniture away from the walls


3. Keep a light, neutral base – then add glamour with elegant accessories


4. Hang Sheer curtains with gold tiebacks

sheer curtains

5. Add some metallic lustre with gold leafed cushions on to your sofa (follow this link for DIY tutorials)

gold leaf cushions

What do you think of the glamour trend? xx


6 thoughts on “Interior Design Trends 2014 – Glamour

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  3. Gorgeous, I love the gold additions and the sumptuous purple. Neutral bases with vibrant furniture/accessories is stylish and chic without going overboard. The chandelier is stunning too – if only I had a room large enough for that to work!


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