Kitchen – during

Well folks, we’re just about half-way there and so we thought we’d share some pictures of our space in it’s not so glamorous glory. As I write this, The Block is on the television, and all I can think is how thankful I am that we’re only doing a kitchen (for now). It’s a good starting point!

Speaking of which, here’s a bit about the process we started with, from ripping up the floors to getting ready for our bench tops to be installed…

Step 1: Rip-up Lino tile flooring ✔︎


Step 2: Remove cupboards ✔︎


Step 3: Remove bulkhead ✔︎ 


Step 4: Build new bulkhead


Step 5: Install new base cabinets ✔︎


Step 6: Insulate and install rangehood vent, plaster bulkhead. ✔︎


We’re now ready for the top cupboards to go in, benches to be measured, new flooring to be installed and lighting to be completed (I’m way t0o excited about the pendant lights we’ve chosen). Fingers crossed, this time next month I’ll be showing you the finished product in it’s new glamorous glory!

And finally, have you used Comparaboo? If you need help deciding on the best DYI tools, visit Comparaboo for top rated products lists. I definitely wish I had discovered this useful tool before we started our renovations!


Colour of the week: Taupe

Taupe is a beautiful colour to use as a base for any room. Being one of the most versatile colours, this neutral shade can be used in a huge variety of ways. Check out the examples below to see how the colour taupe has been used to create some exceptional rooms.

This classic nursery has a sweet, rustic touch


Mixed in soft grey, the below Lounge is a perfect example of layering neutral colours effectively


Yet, when styled in with charcoal, taupe becomes modern and chic 

modern taupe


And in the Kitchen, the colour is cool, calming and classic




What an eye-opener! After hearing about the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes, I really had no idea how huge the damage was until we visited the city late last year. Christchurch is a truly beautiful city,the effect of the earthquakes is quite devastating, but there is also some seriously cool re-building going on. Definitely worth a visit if you are on the South Island of New Zealand, and I’d say this city is going to end up being a pretty special place after the rebuilding is completed.








Interior Design Trends 2014 – Vintage Wonders

Oh the wonder of vintage items and the magic that lies in their history. More and more we are seeing vintage items grow in popularity, and rooms with a feature vintage piece or eclectic collection. Whether it’s an item thats been handed down from generation-to-generation or a steal from your local op-shop, there is something about vintage items that captures our hearts. They give our rooms stories and character and some how complete a room with a very special sort of je ne sais quoi.

As you can imagine, vintage items can be added into a room in a variety of ways. From Funky retro pieces to a fabulous Chesterfield lounge, heres some tips for how to make your vintage wonders become the star of your room.

Use Vignettes to cluster items together – If you are not into creating a room thats entirely vintage, cluster items together on a tray or side table to create a vignette of your treasured items.


Repurpose items – To give an old item a new lease of life, think outside the box for how something could be used a new or different way.


Define the period – Select the time period which will define the style of your room. Be it the swinging sixties or something more classic, try to keep your room cohesive by working with the era of your item, rather than against it.


Use colour – If you’re working with a number of items that don’t quite match (such as dining chairs), use uniform colour to bring a commonality to the items and make the space more cohesive.


Liv Loves

What a week it’s been! With the MH17 flight filling our news feeds and hearts, this week has really brought home some truths about what is really important in life. So with that in mind, here is what’s most important and loved in my life.

My husband 


Nature’s little beauties



My health


And of course, my faith



I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend, filled with a whole lotta love! xx